drone against sunset

Drone detection video production

We’ve recently produced a video for Eclipse Digital to promote their innovative drone detection and mitigation system.

Eclipse have developed the system to protect security sensitive areas from intrusion by drones. The system is able to detect an unauthorised drone and block it’s control signals, sending the drone back to it’s take off position. The system is especially valuable to prisons where drones have been used to smuggle in contraband items such as weapon, mobile phones and drugs.

We developed a storyboard for the video which highlights it’s key benefits. The video features an intruder attempting to smuggle drugs into a prison using a drone, the drone is detected by the system and an alarm is activated in the control room. We used a CGI sequence to show an ‘invisible barrier’ being deployed around the prison. The drone comes into contact with the barrier and is deflected – the attempt to smuggle drugs into the prison fails.

We used Adobe Premiere to edit the video and Strata Studio to create the CGI sequences. We also developed a bespoke software tool using Processing to create a ‘glitch’ sequence to show the communication with the drone being interrupted by the system.

You can view the final result below.