Feel your presentations aren’t quite up to scratch? We’ll review and redesign them so they really stand out from the crowd.

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Presentation review/

Presentation Review Service

We don’t operate to a standard formula as each presentation is unique. But we do cover all the bases, so for some companies our review and revision will be focused on content, for others on design, and for others on the structure and layout. But whatever it involves, we’ll create the right presentation for you. Our service is much more than just creating a new template and our presentation review service can add real value to your sales and marketing strategy, and enhance the profile of your business

Presentation review service

Our service can be as comprehensive as you want – we have 3 main levels of how we can improve your presentation:


We talk to you to understand what you want your presentation to achieve (for example who the audience is and what the purpose is); we then review your presentation,  and make recommendations to maximise impact and effectiveness that you can implement yourself using core PowerPoint features.

Review and revise

we review and make recommendations – agree them with you, and we then implement them for you in a PowerPoint which will remain fully editable by you and your colleagues when you need to update it.

Review, revise
and extend

We review and revise (as options 1 and 2), and develop custom elements for you – including icons, bespoke graphics or tailored animations.

All of our services cover the following key questions:

Question 1.

Does your presentation positively reflect the identity of your organisation and show your company in the best possible light?

We can check that your presentation is portraying the best image for your organisation and conveying the brand identity you would like to portray to your key audience. If you have a number of presentations, we can look across them to ensure they are all meeting your style guidelines. And we can help you develop a visual style if necessary.

Question 2.

Could you say more with less?

We can review your materials for key editorial elements, including the amount of content, the consistency of content, the tone, use of language, clarity of content and readability of text. We have a copy writer on hand if you’d like new content produced.

Question 3.

Is your design optimised to make the maximum impact?

Our design specialists will review how your content is organised on each slide, including the type of images (graphics and photos) you’re using, and how all the elements of the slide work together. We’ll also consider whether text be replaced by graphics which explain your point more clearly and concisely. We can review the use of fonts, colours, typography and create tailored styles and colour palettes for you.

Question 4.

Is your presentation communicating the messages or telling the story that you want it to?

Our in-house communications expert can review it to make sure that the key messages are clear and stand out to your audience.

Question 5.

Is your presentation tailored for the purpose you’re using it for?

We can help turn your conference or technical presentations into marketing or pitch presentations. Or if you’re planning an event, we can help tailor your existing materials for a specific purpose.

Question 6.

Is your presentation tailored for the purpose you’re using it for?

We can help turn your conference or technical presentations into marketing or pitch presentations. Or if you’re planning an event, we can help tailor your existing materials for a specific purpose.

Question 7.

Is your content structured throughout the presentation to ensure engagement and memorability?

We can review your presentation to see if it is logically organised and for more specific factors such as whether it is building to a conclusion and is well-paced to keep people interested and employing persuasive techniques that have been shown to work.

Question 8.

Is your presentation tailored to the audience it is for?

This includes elements such as use of technical language, localisation for specific parts of your global market, appropriate look and feel for the audience, for example if they are your peers, key stakeholders, senior leaders or potential investors.

Question 9.

Is your presentation engaging and impactful?

We can recommend and implement elements including animation or bespoke graphics which can introduce the ‘wow factor’.

Presentation coaching/

Presentation coaching service

Presentation coaching service

Need some help on how to structure presentations and communicate messages? Our team can provide online and face-to-face coaching.

We offer a range of options to provide online coaching to you via the internet. Our packages include a review of your presentation, and recommendations that you can implement to improve it. We also offer face-to-face coaching services either at your premises, or at other venues, which our experienced staff will lead. Want us to work with some of your key staff to help improve your presentations – both through the content and the delivery? We’ll come in and run one or more sessions tailored to your needs to help your staff create a complete strategy for implementing, managing and delivering high impact presentations.

Our team can facilitate workshops for key staff to help them work together to build on their initial ideas, understand the underlying principles of presentation design and delivery, and create a robust and achievable strategy for implementation. We can deliver a range of training packages covering key aspects of presentation design and delivery:

  • developing messages
  • packaging messages for maximum impact
  • creating a presentation – covering aspects including: structure, layout, content and visual assets
  • delivering a presentation