Mindfizz has 15 years experience in presentation design, with a strong track record in the production of presentations, consultations and training materials for a wide range of clients.

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About the team/

Our core team is highly experienced in developing presentations and includes people from many backgrounds, including communication, design, animation, technical, training and academic research.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to provide a comprehensive service to our clients, tailored for your individual needs.

We provide a blend of practical experience and knowledge of the underpinnings needed to produce all the success factors for a compelling presentation. Our core team members are introduced in this section, and we have a wide range of associates specialising in graphics, training, video and audio who we draw into projects as required.


The Core Team

Clare Dowland MSc.

Client liaison and concept development

Clare Dowland

Clare is in charge of client liaison and is the main point of contact with our clients and she will be with you at every step of the development process. She will work with you to develop the concept of the presentation – to draw out your intentions and objectives and then work with the wider mindfizz team to create the storyboard for the presentation, monitor progress and deliver your presentation to expectations, time and budget.
She has long experience of presentation development, having originally worked on numerous public consultation projects in the transport sector.

More recent work has included working with clients from a range of sectors including education, defence and security, health, legal and energy.

As a director of mindfizz and a qualified Prince2 Practitioner, Clare also oversees the project management for all our work. Previous work as a transport consultant involved the planning, management and assessment of many public consultation exercises and she has recently managed large-scale, multi-disciplinary teams working on projects in the education and skills sector.

James Dowland MSc.

Creative and technical lead


James is the creative force at mindfizz and is in charge of the graphics and visual elements for all our presentations. He combines his visual talents with a thorough understanding of animation and 3D modelling, creating presentations that combine visual flair with technical excellence. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all approach’ and this applies to our design, and James will draw on his skills and experience to create a visual style that represents your organisation’s image and will engage your customers and stakeholders.James leads the wider team in the development of animation, graphics, layout – essentially everything needed to deliver a top notch presentation.

James has worked on presentations for 15 years, in a broad range of contexts – from education and training to business development with multi-national companies. His presentation expertise is focused on 2D and 3D elements – whether it’s the creation of visuals or of animated 3D models. James’ qualifications include an MSc in Interactive Multimedia Production and an HND in Photography, Film and Television.

Our network/


While our core team is involved in all our presentations, and is always your point of contact with mindfizz and responsible for delivering high quality work, we also work with carefully selected partner companies and associates who provide specialist skills as and when necessary.

One size doesn’t fit all and we have found that better results are achieved by building a custom team that exactly matches your needs and objectives to deliver the best presentation for you.

We work with selected companies to bring in additional skills and capabilities when necessary, for example filming and audio services. We work with a range of illustrators and graphic developers so we can meet the visual style appropriate for your presentation. All our associates are highly qualified and experienced in their specialist areas and our management process ensures quality and delivery of all work.


Steve Till


At mindfizz, we recognise the vital importance of words in the creative mix. Our associate, Steve Till, makes it his job to understand each client’s proposition and uniqueness, so that he can then define it in words that are clear, concise, correct and compelling. Your words need to be clear for them to be understood; they need to be concise for them to be read at all; they need to be correct for them to be respected; and they need to be compelling for them to be acted upon

The bottom line is, does this piece of copy engage with your specific audience, tackle their issues, address their needs, and prompt them to action? Does it make your audience want to buy your products or services? Steve’s words ensure they do, and thus ensure that your presentation works as hard as possible to achieve your business goals.