We use animation to enhance your presentations, clarify your messages and communicate complex concepts and ideas clearly and concisely. 2D and 3D animations can make a great impact and help make your presentation memorable.

We have strong track record of developing presentations; using both 2D and 3D animations for a range of clients, from start-up businesses to multi-national organisations.

We can tailor our work to meet a wide range of budgets and we’re always happy to have an informal discussion with you to talk about how an animated presentation can help your business

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Animated Powerpoint, Prezi and Keynote presentations/

We work with software such as PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi to develop presentations which incorporate animation, whether it’s by optimising the core animation functionality of the software, developing bespoke 2D or 3D animations to sit within the presentations, or using Prezi to create a more engaging and flowing presentation.

Example shown – an animated infographic timeline created in powerpoint

Bespoke animation/

Bespoke animations allow you to clearly demonstrate and explain your ideas, concepts, products and services, whether it’s for marketing – either for your sales team or for an exhibition of conference; investor and business pitches; meetings; your website; or training.

Our bespoke animations can be as simple or as complex as you want; and run for a few seconds or many minutes depending on the purpose and audience of the presentation.


Our visualisation expertise means that we can create all sorts of images and animations to bring plans and blueprints to life, whether it’s the interior of a building, a product that’s still on the drawing board, or an animation to show how your product or service works.

Example shown – an animation of a V6 engine

3D models and animation/

We use a range of techniques to develop models in 3D, whether it’s a straightforward model of a single item or a full environment with buildings, vehicles and characters.

We can animate the models and ‘film’ the models and environments, for example to zoom into key aspects or fly-around the whole landscape.

Use animated presentations:

  • At conferences and exhibitions to make an impression and stand out from your competitors
  • To enhance your sales team’s tool kit of resources
  • In house – welcome visitors to your office by running a presentation in your reception area, or create a presentation for in-house team-building or training
  • For events you’re organising – conferences, workshops, forums, etc
  • As explainer videos – carry your elevator pitch in your pocket
  • On your laptop or tablet – use a presentation as a focus for your conversations with clients and let the animation explain your product or service
  • On your website or social media